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We recognize that winners are engaged in shaping the future long before the future shapes them. We believe that the increased use of clean technology is part of a long-term trend. And, we understand how new technologies can positively impact a project’s bottom-line.  


We believe our extensive experience in real estate and clean technology allows us to merge traditional drivers of real estate value creation with enhanced operating income produced by the integration of energy- efficient technology and sustainable design.


Since real estate is a 40-year asset class, we're investing to insulate our assets from long-run physical, functional, technological and economic obsolescence.


Our goal is to provide distributable cash flows, a solid inflation hedge, match long term assets with long term liabilities and preserve principle invested by investing in green real estate.


​​Our  strategy revolves around:

• Technology Enhanced Value Creation
• Emerging Opportunistic Development
• Aggressive Asset Management
• Layered Impact Investing
• Strong Public-Private Partnerships

This is more than just a strategy. It represents our core beliefs about where the market is moving, what the data are saying and how to marry proven management approaches with emerging investment opportunities.

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